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Pubic lice (Phthirus pubis)

are tiny parasitic insects that stay on coarse human body hair, inclusive of pubic hair.

in addition to being found in pubic hair, the lice are also on occasion discovered in:

underarm and leg hair
hair at the chest, abdomen and lower back
facial hair, inclusive of beards and moustaches
eyelashes and eyebrows (very on occasion)
in contrast to head lice, pubic lice do not live in scalp hair.

Pubic lice are unfold thru near physical touch, maximum normally sexual contact.

signs and symptoms of pubic lice
after getting pubic lice, it may take numerous weeks before any symptoms seem. signs are the same for ladies and men and consist of:

itching in the affected regions
irritation and irritation resulting from scratching
black powder on your undies
blue spots or small spots of blood on your skin, together with on your thighs or lower stomach (due to lice bites)
Itching is the maximum common symptom of pubic lice and is an hypersensitivity to their saliva. The itching is commonly worse at night time, whilst the lice are maximum lively.

What do pubic lice look like?
adult pubic lice are very small (2mm long) and are not smooth to peer. they may be a yellow-grey or dusky purple colour and feature six legs.

Pubic lice are sometimes referred to as crabs due to the fact they have got  big the front legs that seem like the claws of a crab. those are used to keep onto the bottom of hairs.

The lice lay their eggs (nits) in sacs which might be caught firmly to hairs and are a pale brownish colour. while the eggs hatch, the empty egg sacs are white.

despite the fact that pubic lice and lice eggs are small and difficult to peer, they may be seen in coarse hair anywhere for your frame (aside from hair in your head).

whilst to are seeking for scientific advice
See your GP or exercise nurse if you assume you have pubic lice. rather, you can go to a sexual health health center, also referred to as a genitourinary medication (GUM) health facility. these are frequently located in hospitals or health centres.

search for sexual health offerings in your region.

Pubic lice are typically clean to diagnose by using analyzing the affected area. The doctor or nurse might also use a magnifying glass to search for signs of the lice, which include pale-colored eggs or the lice themselves.

Getting tested for STIs
You have to be examined for different sexually transmitted infections (STIs) if you have pubic lice through sexual touch. The lice do not transmit HIV or other STIs, however a test-up is usually recommended as a precaution.

Any sexual partners you've had over the last three months may also want to be visible and dealt with. if you select, body of workers at the hospital can contact someone on your behalf without liberating your information.

How do you get pubic lice?
Pubic lice are not associated with bad non-public hygiene. they're typically unfold thru near physical contact with an infected character.

The lice move slowly from hair to hair, but cannot fly or leap. They need human blood to continue to exist, so will handiest leave the body to move from one person to every other.

The most not unusual manner pubic lice are unfold is through sexual contact, consisting of vaginal, anal and oral intercourse. the usage of condoms and other methods of barrier birth control doesn't shield you against pubic lice.

other sorts of close bodily contact, including hugging and kissing, also can spread the lice.

it is also possible – though a great deal rarer – for pubic lice to be unfold thru sharing garments, towels and bedding.

Treating pubic lice
Pubic lice may be handled at home with insecticide cream, lotion or shampoo. Your GP or pharmacist can suggest you about which remedy to apply and a way to use it. it is vital to observe this advice.

some remedies simplest need to be applied to the affected region, however every so often the whole frame should be handled, taking care to avoid the eyes. The remedy usually needs to be repeated after 3 to seven days.

If the remedy would not paintings, you may need to use another kind. that is because pubic lice can expand resistance to some treatments. Your GP or pharmacist could be able to endorse you about appropriate alternatives.

To prevent re-infestation, everyone you have had close bodily touch with, such as any sexual companions you've had in the beyond three months, should additionally be dealt with, even though they don't have signs and symptoms.

sure organizations, consisting of young humans below 18 years of age and pregnant or breastfeeding girls, might also require a particular form of treatment. Ask your GP or pharmacist for further recommendation approximately this.

making use of a lotion, cream or shampoo
In maximum instances the instructions for the usage of a lotion, cream or shampoo might be as follows:

apply the product to the affected area, in particular any hairy areas, such as your eyebrows, beard or moustache – relying at the product, you might want to use it for your complete body, including the scalp, neck, ears and face
be cautious now not to get the product for your eyes – if you do, rinse your eyes thoroughly with water
reapply the treatment if you wash any a part of your frame all through the treatment time
after the remedy time (stated at the packet) has passed, wash the lotion or cream off
repeat the treatment after three to seven days as told
do not use the medicine greater than twice. if you think it hasn't labored go to see your GP or pharmacist for recommendation.

side consequences
pesticides used to treat pubic lice may also purpose pores and skin infection, inclusive of itchiness, redness, stinging or burning. if you have skin irritation, wash the insecticide off the affected area.

some aqueous and alcohol-based medicines can also discolour permed, coloured or bleached hair. test the affected person records leaflet.

follow-up treatment
the first remedy application will probable kill the lice, but the eggs won't had been destroyed. this means more lice may want to hatch and the cycle will begin once more.

Reapplying the treatment after 3 or seven days will make certain that any lice are killed earlier than they may be old enough to put more eggs.

test for lice every week after your 2nd treatment, or return to your GP, practice nurse, or sexual health hospital so that they can test for you.

finding empty eggshells (dead nits) would not necessarily mean you're still infested as they are able to remain stuck to the hairs even after treatment.

Treating an eyelash infestation
Eyelash infestations are uncommon. in case your eyelashes are infested, seek professional recommendation from your health practitioner. they may be able to suggest the perfect treatment for you.

You cannot use the same insecticide lotion or cream this is used to your frame as it will aggravate your eyes. ensure you observe the treatment instructions carefully.

Washing apparel, towels and bedding
Wash apparel, towels and bedding in a showering machine. This must be on a hot cycle (50C or higher) to make sure the lice are killed and to save you reinfection.

headaches of pubic lice
sometimes, a pubic lice infestation can result in minor headaches, such as skin or eye troubles.Pudendal neuralgia is a form of lengthy-term (continual) pelvic pain that originates from damage or inflammation of the pudendal nerve.

The pudendal nerve is one of the foremost nerves inside the pelvis, imparting areas which include the:

decrease buttocks
vicinity among the buttocks and genitals (perineum)
area around the returned passage (rectum)
vulva, labia, and clitoris in ladies
scrotum and penis in men
Pudendal neuralgia can be very uncomfortable and distressing, however help is available and there are several treatments that can be attempted.

signs and symptoms of pudendal neuralgia
the principle symptom of pudendal neuralgia is pelvic ache. Any of the areas provided by way of the pudendal nerve may be affected.

The ache may additionally:

experience like a burning, crushing, shooting or prickling sensation
increase regularly or all of sudden
be constant – but worse at a few instances and higher at others
be worse whilst sitting down and enhance whilst status or mendacity down
different symptoms can encompass:

numbness and pins and needles in the pelvic vicinity
expanded sensitivity to ache – you can locate just a mild touch or wearing clothes uncomfortable
feeling as even though there may be swelling or an item on your perineum – frequently defined as feeling like a golf or tennis ball
desiring to head the bathroom often or all at once
ache at some point of sex, problem reaching orgasm, and erectile dysfunction in guys
while to get scientific advice
See your GP if you have chronic pelvic ache.

do not delay searching for advice if the pain is causing troubles. Pudendal neuralgia can maintain to get worse if left untreated, and early remedy may be greater powerful.

The strain of living with the situation also can have a tremendous impact in your bodily and intellectual health if it is not treated.

assessments for pudendal neuralgia
Your GP will ask approximately your signs and symptoms and might carry out an exam of the location to check for any obvious causes of your pain.

if they assume you could have pudendal neuralgia, or they are not certain what is causing your pain, they will refer you to a consultant for in addition exams.

these exams may additionally include:

a vaginal or rectal exam – to see if the ache happens whilst your health practitioner applies pressure to the pudendal nerve with their finger
a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) experiment – to test for problems inclusive of entrapment (compression) of the pudendal nerve and rule out different feasible causes of your pain
nerve studies – a small device inserted into your rectum is used to stimulate nearby nerves with slight electric impulses to test how nicely the nerves are working
nerve block injections – painkilling medicine is injected across the pudendal nerve to look in case your ache improves
treatments for pudendal neuralgia
remedies for pudendal neuralgia include:

warding off matters that make the pain worse, together with biking, constipation or prolonged sitting – it could assist to use a special cushion with a gap down the middle when sitting and strive constipation remedies
medicines to modify the ache – these will normally be special medicines for nerve ache, as opposed to normal painkillers like paracetamol
physiotherapy – a physiotherapist can educate you physical games to loosen up your pelvic ground muscle mass (muscle tissue used to manipulate urination) and other muscular tissues that can irritate the pudendal nerve
painkilling injections – injections of nearby anaesthetic and steroid medication may additionally relieve the pain for some months at a time
decompression surgical treatment – if something is urgent at the pudendal nerve, which include a bit of tissue, surgical procedure to reposition it far from the nerve may additionally assist improve your ache
nerve stimulation – a unique device is surgically implanted beneath the pores and skin to supply mild electric impulses to the nerve and interrupt ache indicators despatched to the mind
you may be noted a consultant NHS ache control team or pain control programme for help and recommendation approximately remedy.

now not all the viable remedies are broadly available at the NHS.

causes of pudendal neuralgia
Pudendal neuralgia can occur if the pudendal nerve is damaged, indignant or squashed (compressed).

possible causes include:

compression of the pudendal nerve by close by muscle groups or tissue – once in a while called pudendal nerve entrapment or Alcock canal syndrome
prolonged sitting, biking, horse riding or constipation (typically for months or years) – this can cause repeated minor harm to the pelvic region
preceding surgical operation to the pelvic location
a destroy in one of the bones within the pelvis
damage to the pudendal nerve all through childbirth – this may enhance after a few months
a non-cancerous or cancerous boom (tumour) urgent at the pudendal nerve
In some instances, a specific purpose isn't recognized.

Scratching can worsen your pores and skin, or it may result in an infection consisting of impetigo (a bacterial pores and skin contamination) or furunculosis (boils at the pores and skin).

Eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, and eye irritation, along with blepharitis, can every so often increase in case your eyelashes have been infested with pubic lice.

searching for medical recommendation if you have intense pores and skin irritation or sore eyes.

Sexual health recommendation
you can call the branch of health's sexual fitness helpline on 0300 123 7123 for private recommendation and assist 24 hours an afternoon, seven days a week.

if you're below 25, you can additionally touch an consultant at Brook the usage of their text and webchat provider. They provide loose and private records and advice about STIs, birth control, pregnancy, plus other sexual fitness subjects

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